Embark on a unique journey into the heart and mind of the horse and the natural principles of 'Leadership', Jane Taylor-Young is internationally renowned for her ability to influence the extent of the horse's performance without using force and runs the New Zealand Centre of Equine Psychology and Behaviour at Pongaroa.

Your course can be tailored to suit your level of interest, your experience and your overall objectives. All teachings and practical activities originate with the horse in the wild, his instincts, his characteristics, his methods of communication and his individual personality traits. A fascination for everyone whether familiar with horses or not and especially those who are keen to become skillful leaders of others in business, recreation, or sport. Available for one person or groups of up to six. Team building is also catered for.

Half day to 3 week programmes are available. Accommodation and meals are provided. Bookings through the Herdword website: www.herdword.co.nz or by phone 0800 43 73 73 (Adults Only)

Herdword programmes incorporate many peripheral aspects of equine development and training that, whilst fundamental in the life of the horse are often overlooked in conventional equestrian education packages

Contact: Jane Taylor-Young

Phone: 0800 43 73 73

Email: jane@herdword.co.nz

Website: www.herdword.co.nz

Activity Type: Family