Te Apiti Windfarm

Te Apiti is a wind farm owned and operated by Meridian Energy. It is located on 11.5 km² of land north of the Manawatu Gorge in the North Island of New Zealand. At 90.75 MW, it was New Zealand's largest capacity wind farm until September 2007, when the third stage of the nearby Tararua Wind Farm was completed.

The $100 million wind farm consists of 55 separate turbines capable of generating 1.65 MW each, representing a total capacity of 90.75 MW. Each turbine is atop a 70-metre-high (230 ft) tower. It is fitted with 3 blades each 35 metres in length.

Address: 414 Saddle Road, Woodville - Google Map

Contact: Tararua i-SITE

Phone: 0800 TARARUA

Email: info@tararua.com

Activity Type: Walks & Tramps