ANZAC Memorial Bridge

Kaiparoro is approximately 8 km south of Eketāhuna and 2 km north of Pukaha Mt Bruce. There is a tourist sign opposite the W.A. Miller Reserve rest area which indicates it as an access point to ANZAC Bridge. Parking is available at the reserve and a path parallel to the highway leads north to the bridge.

The ANZAC Memorial Bridge Kaiparoro was built in 1922 honouring the people associated with Kaiparoro who died on active service in World War One and Two, and since 1923 has consistently been the site of ANZAC Day ceremonies.

The Friends of ANZAC Bridge Kaiparoro Inc (FOAB) is a registered NZ Charity and has restored the bridge to its former glory and continues to maintain the bridge and walkway from the Millar Reserve and holds an Annual Memorial Service at 2:00pm 25 April.

The ANZAC Memorial Bridge has outstanding significance because it is both a monument specifically dedicated to the ANZACs and a post-World War One functional war memorial in the form of a bridge. These aspects are individually rare within New Zealand and their combination in the ANZAC Memorial Bridge means it is a unique structure. The bridge also has considerable local significance because its construction was the final link in the north Wairarapa highway infrastructure and was one of the first concrete bridges in the region.

ANZAC Memorial Bridge Kaiparoro is a listed Category 1 Historic Place (3969). FOAB relies on Donations, Membership and Grants from local bodies to achieve its goals.

Address: State Highway 2, Kaiparoro - Google Map



Attraction Type: Family